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As a company based on innovation, Bomof has highly qualified and motivated professionals, appropriate production equipment that allows us to provide services and products to the highest quality standards. 


Our activities are evaluated by an integrated management system of innovation, development, and research. Bomof is a company of the most remarkable digital capabilities, combining employees’ unique talents, caring for the environment, and developing modern innovations. 


Our research and development ecosystem is in global demand and trusted by our successful clients around the world.





Technical development is a fundamental principle of business development. We help our customers to ensure the quality of IT products to enter the market effectively. We provide both consulting and testing of new products at every stage of the life cycle. Bomof staff will listen to the individual wishes of customers and ensure advanced results of cooperation.


We continue to work effectively in the field of technical support for our customers. Support from consulting, checking the reliability of systems has always been our top priority. Bomof provides quality and cares for the success of our customers at every stage of cooperation.


Over the past few years, businesses have suffered from intelligent machine systems. Bomof is rethinking the existing indicators of the digital space for finding solutions for digital business transformation. Our personalized offerings and integrated algorithms ensure maximum customer satisfaction and help them gain a competitive advantage.


Hardware design is an essential aspect of the success of any electronic product. The Bomof’s many years of experience allow it to debug and create new hardware structures of smaller size, faster, more reliable, and economical. At the same time, Bomof also develops portable and energy-efficient systems. We have a robust ecosystem of partners who help our customers design electronic prototypes and set up the certification process.


The internal production facilities integrated into our value proposition arise from the need to provide our customers with excellent flexibility and the best value for money. Bomof does not subcontract to third parties to solve production problems, but individually solves our clients’ issues and ensures efficiency. We perform automatic and manual testing, using software for possible further adaptation.



We pay attention not only to the knowledge and experience of our current and future employees but also to their potential for growth in various areas of our activities and the corporate philosophy of Bomof. 


We are looking for people who can challenge us to create new values ​​for our potential and current clients who will work with us based on mutual trust and cooperation. Exciting work is vital to us. Colleagues and mentors will do everything possible for the development of the team. It is with us that you will find endless opportunities to choose what you know and develop skills and a team that accepts the most difficult challenges in the world. 


Whether you’re an experienced professional or a graduate, working with Bomof can be a rewarding career step. We invite you to get acquainted with us. Please do not hesitate to send your CV if you have the appropriate qualifications and want to be part of our successful team.